Pet Ownership: The Importance of Water in Your Pet’s Diet

A balanced diet and nutrition are not the only important factors to keep your furball healthy. We might consider carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals are the crucial nutrients they need. We can provide them with healthy foods we believe are advantageous to them, but these are insufficient to ensure they are always in good shape and living healthily.

According to research, people can not last 3 days without water. The same applies to our pet cats and dogs. Water is one of our everyday necessities and a vital part of our nutrition that you must not skip. As we continue, we will cover the advantages of adequate water in your pet’s diet and how it affects their health.

What Does Water Do to Your Pets?

Animals and people do not perform well without enough water. Dehydration is the result of loss of total body water. It happens when our body loses more fluids than we take in. When your dog’s normal body water content is reduced, it will disturb the balance of minerals and bring more health problems if not treated immediately.

To avoid this from happening to your furry buddies, we have gathered five beneficial effects of water to emphasize its significance in their diet and nutrition.

1. Releases body toxins and wastes

Water helps the organ keep necessary electrolytes and nutrients and helps the kidney filter waste and toxins. Furthermore, water moves waste products and removes them efficiently through breathing, sweating, urination, and elimination. If your pet consumes enough water daily, this is great since it cleanses their kidneys from unneeded waste.

2. Lubricates Joints

Water serves a crucial role in almost every biological process. It can help lubricate and cushion our dog’s joints to make their mobility and movement possible without feeling any pain. While water enables them to move flexibly, some supplements can make their joints sturdier and healthier. Animal facilities like Monroe Veterinary Clinic can address your inquiry and provide you with information about the various veterinary services.

In addition, it’s also necessary to be attentive to what your pet eats. If your dog ingests something dangerous, animal centers that offer pet surgery services could deal with the situation professionally and address the problem.

3. Enhances Digestion

Water is necessary for your furry companion’s digestion system as this enables them to break down the food they consume and absorb those nutrients. It helps avoid constipation since water softens the stool. The digestive process won’t be complete without water since it assists in the secretion of necessary acids and enzymes.

Your pet will be more active and healthy if its digestive system operates well. Additionally, water is also great for your pet’s gums and teeth. Drinking water daily can help stop plaque accumulation and protect tooth enamel. Once in a while, it’s important to have your canine examined by an animal dentist to guarantee they are free from oral concerns. You can check this page to know more about pet dental care services.

4. Shows their condition

An indicator of healthy canine drinks the right amount of water. Your furry companion should also be consuming water, depending upon their weight. Dogs commonly drink a lot throughout the summer or spring seasons. If you observe drastic changes in their drinking habits all of a sudden, it would be ideal to have them examined by a veterinarian for any possible health problems.

5. Maintains normal body temperature

Dogs need water to manage their body temperature. They usually pant to preserve a normal temperature. Although they do not sweat as humans do, canines can sweat to some extent. You may observe moist spots under their paws throughout warm or sunny days since this is where they mostly sweat. When you see them panting and sticking out their tongue, they are simply cooling off their body and speeding up the evaporation of water.


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