Dental Crowns: What to Do if It Falls Out

An entire “cap” or “crown” covers a damaged or decayed tooth. A crown may also be used to improve the appearance and shape of a severely damaged tooth. You can cover an implant with the help of a crown for practical reasons as it can help develop teeth.

Despite their long-lasting life, Crowns can break loose or break off. Proper oral hygiene is the best step you can take to extend the life of your dental crown. The effects of dental disease could weaken the teeth or bone that hold the crown at its position, causing it to fall out of place.

Steps to Take To Save Your Crown and Teeth

If your dental crown falls off, it is recommended that you seek immediate treatment from an Edmonton general dentist. However, if you can’t arrange an appointment until the next day if your dental crown falls off during the weekend or at night, don’t panic; you’ll be okay. There are a few things you can do if this occurs:

Inspect for any damages to the dental crown.

When your tooth crown falls off, You’ll need to understand what you should do based on the crown’s condition. Locate the crown if you can. Have a closer look at the damage. It’s a sign that there’s no tooth within the crown, which is simple to reattach after your dentist has been able to view your smile quickly. It’s normal to see a small amount of metal inside the crown. It is the crown’s post and helps your tooth’s height remain in place.

Wash the crown and keep it sanitized.

It is possible to apply mild soap and water to wash the crown gently if you have it. It might still contain cement, which acts as an adhesive to attach the crown to your teeth. It should be stored in a secure place, like a plastic bag. Don’t forget to bring it for your next dental appointment.

Make sure that your exposed teeth are safe.

If you had a crown placed on it could protect a tooth that had suffered an injury. If the dental crown falls off, You must be aware of what you can do to save your healthy tissue underneath it. There is a chance that the tooth’s nerve and delicate tissue are exposed.

Buy temporary dental cement at the drugstore. According to the package’s instructions, the glue should be carefully molded around the exposed tooth. For further protection, dental wax could be used.

Avoid eating food that may damage your exposed teeth.

Certain foods could dislodge cement, which can expose the tooth and cause harm to its structures underneath, even if it’s only temporarily covered. If you have lost a dental crown, you should avoid eating anything hard or chewy. Foods that are very hot or cold may give you discomfort. Avoid these meals until you have the opportunity to visit your Edmonton emergency dental care to repair the crown.

Consult your dentist as quickly as possible.

If your tooth crown is missing, the best option is to call your Edmonton dentist immediately. Tell them what occurred, and your dentist will inquire if you are wearing the crown and what it’s functioning. Your dentist can give you recommendations on the best option you could take and schedule an appointment to replace it.

The Takeaway

If your crown falls off, you will not be the first or the last person to do it. Reattaching it is easy when it’s not damaged. Be sure to safeguard your teeth and clean the crown before contacting an experienced dentist to make an appointment so the crown may be re-fitted or replaced.


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