Basic Health & Care Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy

It is often said there are two kinds of people in the world those who adore cats and people who don’t. Cat fans are often portrayed as introspective, introverted individuals looking for a companion that is every bit introverted and self-interested. While this stereotype may hold for several cats and cat owners, the sole “principle” for who and who should not have a cat involves who and who isn’t ready to devote themselves fully to offering the very best in pet cat care and health.  Since kittens are so cute and in plentiful supply, a lot of men and women are tempted to impulsively reach a kitty, working under the belief that cats are “independent” and may “take care of these.” For your future kitty’s sake, pay attention to this pet care advice before falling in love with the perfect feline.

Learning how to care for a cat is not rocket science, but it’s also not as simple as some folks think. The very first thing that you want to be certain of before you choose to get a cat would be that you’re providing it a forever home with you. Perhaps not a “you clawed the sofa so you’re out of this” home or an “I’m moving and don’t want to bother finding a cat-friendly leasing so that I’ll take you to the pound” house, but a permanent home with a man who can dedicate as many as 20 decades of their life to cat pet care. If you’re ready to make this commitment, then think about opening your home to a few of the tens of thousands of cats whose previous owners neglected to make this commitment–embrace your kitty from the local animal shelter. Many cats and kittens are euthanized daily simply because there are not enough loving homes for them all. Save a life and get your new best buddy all in one go!

So now that you’ve decided a pet is really something you are ready for, it is time to make your pet cat care and health checklist. To ensure that your cat remains as healthy as you can, you will want to find a regular vet where you are going to take your pet for her or his annual check-ups, vaccinations, and any other medical problems that may arise. Hands down, the easiest way to maintain your cat healthily is to keep your cat indoors. When most cats like being outside, they are equally happy, and much safer, curling into a sunny window or onto a screened-in porch. Cats who spend a lot of time outside will inevitably wind up in fights with other cats which normally lead to costly abscesses. They also run the risk of being struck by a car, contracting Feline leukemia or FIV, being attacked by a dog, or being shot, poisoned, or trapped by a cat-hating neighbor.

Regardless of whether you decide to allow your cat outside, you’ll need to be sure you’re ready for the cost of having your cat spayed or neutered.

Another easy way to safeguard your cat’s continuing health would be to feed him or her a quality diet of premium dry cat foods. The gap between a few dollars per bag may mean the difference between fewer veterinary bills later on. Keep a small number of dry foods is on your cat’s dish in any way times, as cats will usually nibble during the day, and always keep your cat’s water dish wash and full. If you want to provide your cat a bit more variety in his diet, try roasted poultry, cooked fish, and cooked vegetables such as legumes. Do not, but offer your kitty milk or other dairy products as many cats are slightly lactose intolerant.

Obviously, a lot of what you learn about pet care and health will come to you in the many joyful years that you spend with your kitty, but this has been a start. Commit to supplying your feline companion with the best you can provide and he or she’ll reward you richly with unconditional affection and unrivaled devotion.

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