Fire Safety Checklist for Holidays

During the Christmas season, fires caused by cooking, heating, and open flame all rise, and these fires are more severe than the typical fire throughout the year across all loss categories.

These fires can be caused by leaving food on the stove unattended and forgetting to turn off your holiday lights. It usually takes less than two minutes from when a fire starts to engulf the house. This is why residents must get out of the house as quickly as possible and avoid attempting to put out a massive fire on their own.

Tips to Avoid Fire During the Holiday Season

While the holiday season is a time for joyous gatherings and celebrations, safety should be at the top of any holiday to-do list. Several safety precautions are provided below to assist anyone planning a Christmas party in keeping everyone safe:

All Around the House

Every month, all fire alarms should be examined, and they should be replaced every ten years. Make sure the batteries on your home’s alarms are fresh. Purchase one fire extinguisher, keep it in a convenient location and make sure you know how to use it. Always remember to P.A.S.S., or Pull Aim Squeeze Sweep, when utilizing a fire extinguisher. For mold removal and remediation, you can click here to view the details.

Holiday Cooking

Always keep an eye on the stove. Keep anything combustible away from the burners by rolling up your sleeves. Cooking food should never be left unattended. Wait to cook until you’ve sobered up if you’ve had one too many eggnogs.

Always set oven timers and alarms. Burned cookies are disappointing, but smoke-filled kitchens and oven fires are even worse. To avoid overcooking, set the alarm on your phone or use a kitchen timer.

Holiday Lights

Overloading outlets or extensions is not a good idea. When it comes to power, each residence has its own set of restrictions. Instead of using your wall outlet, use power strips with built-in circuit breakers, and avoid overheating lights by connecting no more than three sets to a single extension cable.

Only use outside lights when you are outside. Indoor lights lack insulation, making them more susceptible to the environment and prone to catch fire or blow a fuse. Check to see if your lights have been lab-tested for safety, and discard any that have exposed or damaged wiring.


Install a carbon monoxide detector in your fireplace room, never leave a fire unattended, and use a safety fence to keep pets and children away from the flames. While a fire is burning, use a mesh screen to keep embers out of the room. Place the cooled ashes in a metal container and keep it outside until garbage day. For fire damage restoration, you can call a restoration company like Puroclean of Conroe.


Keeping your home happy and bright this Christmas season can be as simple as preparing for emergencies ahead of time. Always keep in mind holiday safety recommendations for homeowners and how to throw a safe holiday party. The most excellent approach to protecting oneself against a house fire is to avoid starting in the first place.


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