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Ethical Voices
The fundamental incoherence of addressing hate through censorship
by Dr. Mark Mercer, Department of Philosophy, Saint Mary's University

Relativism and Tolerance
by Dr. Mark Mercer, Department of Philosophy, Saint Mary's University

Conversations on Belief
Contributors: Dr. Mark Mercer - Saint Mary's University; Dr. Kathleen Skerrett - Grinnell College, Iowa; Dr. Dave Deane - Atlantic School of Theology

The Place of Organized Religion
at Saint Mary's

by Dr. Mark Mercer
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Genuine Wealth and the Economics
of Happiness

by Mark Anielski

Cross Country Mobility of Graduates - Economic and Ethical Dilemmas
by Dr. J. Colin Dodds
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Ethical Voices offers a forum for writers and thinkers to explore ethical issues. We are motivated, here at CCEPA, to generate public interest by supplying compelling material posing ethical questions, discussions of ethical dilemmas and opening up dialogue on ethical issues we can all relate to.

We encourage submissions of 800 words or less, that are thought provoking, timely and topical, giving treatment to subjects we all want to read about, know about and comment on. To submit an article for posting, please contact chris.stover@ccepa.ca.

CCEPA welcomes and encourages feedback on submissions and will post reactions, comments and opinions. It's our aim to get people talking. One way we can do that is by writing about the ethical component, or lack of it, in everyday issues.

It's been said that how we choose to behave when we are together has ethics written all over it. Are there public examples of questionable behavior you are compelled to comment on?

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