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CCEPA’s Statement of Principles:
From Values to Action

CCEPA promotes the public good through the cultivation and dissemination of knowledge about ethical issues to help generate new insights, provide greater awareness, and heal misunderstandings.

We promote open and respectful debate on contemporary public issues by:

  • Providing a forum for communities to identify and discuss their ethical concerns.
  • Clarifying the underlying sources of ethical problems and disagreements.
  • Facilitating access to resources.
  • Mediating through a process of critical listening.
  • Encouraging the inclusion of all affected parties in discussion and decision making.

We enhance the capacity of organizations to address ethical challenges by:

  • Helping them develop and articulate sound value statements.
  • Helping them recognize, confront, and respond to ethical questions, dilemmas, and conflicts.
  • Providing leading ethics-based research and programs.
  • Grounding our teaching and research in real world situations.

We conduct our activities in a transparent and self-critical manner:

  • With participatory and inclusive collaboration.
  • With mutual accountability and a shared responsibility for the public good.
  • Acknowledging and learning from our mistakes.
  • Working with those who respect the values of CCEPA.


CCEPA is a joint initiative of The Atlantic School of Theology and Saint Mary's University .

Link to Atlantic School of Theology Link to Saint Mary's University

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