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CCEPA provides an arena for critical thinking, public discussion and research into current ethical challenges in our society.


The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs (CCEPA), a joint initiative of the Atlantic School of Theology and Saint Mary's University, invites applications from individuals interested in becoming the Scholar-in-Residence at CCEPA.

The Scholar-in-Residence program provides an opportunity for an individual to spend up to one year at the Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to pursue research in a field related to CCEPA's mission and to interact with staff and program partners at the Centre.

CCEPA provides an arena for critical thinking, public discussion and research into current ethical challenges in our society. CCEPA focuses on building connections across disciplines and communities as well as partnering with the major shapers of public life - government, business, NGOs and public service agencies. CCEPA's role is non-advocacy, exploring all sides of an issue, facilitating exchange of information and aiding in the creation of informed decision making.

Nature of the Program
The Scholar-in-Residence program provides office space at the Centre with internet and telephone service to support scholarship in a field relevant to CCEPA's mission.

Located on the campus of the Atlantic School of Theology, CCEPA overlooks Halifax's Northwest Arm, providing a tranquil environment well-suited to scholarly reflection, study and writing. Five other Halifax area universities, libraries and academic facilities are located close by, affording the ability to access resources and interact with colleagues. Modestly priced residence may also be accommodated on the AST campus.

The Scholar-in-Residence is expected to participate in the work of the Centre by offering input on programming, sitting as a member of the Program or Research Committee which meet quarterly, attending CCEPA events, contributing to collegial discussions at the Centre, presenting a body of work in person at a CCEPA-organized event, to contributing to CCEPA activities in other mutually beneficial ways and acknowledging CCEPA support of the scholarship and research where and when it is reported, in publications and at conferences.

The Scholar-in-Residence program is open to all scholars whose research is relevant to CCEPA's mission. The appointment is ideal for an individual on sabbatical leave or a post-doctoral fellow.

Applications will be reviewed by the CCEPA Research Committee and decisions are made on quality of application, relevance of planned activities and research to the work of CCEPA and the judgment of referees.

Applications should include the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • An executive summary (maximum two pages) of the proposed activities and research during the program outlining relevance to CCEPA.
  • Three referees familiar with the applicant's work.
  • Recent publications by the applicant.

Applications should be submitted (3 copies required) to:

Chris Stover, General Manager
Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs
630 Franklyn Street
Halifax, NS    B3H 3B4

For more information call 902-428-4731 or info@ccepa.ca

CCEPA is a joint initiative of Saint Mary's University and the Atlantic School of Theology.

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