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How We Live Matters
Ethical reflections on everyday dilemmas

In partnership with The Chronicle Herald, CCEPA launched a new column, How We Live Matters, for scholars to engage the public over things that matter to us all.

Read the latest installment here.

Readers will have an opportunity to submit thorny, challenging questions about the ethical aspects of daily life by emailing howwelivematters@herald.ca

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From our base in Atlantic Canada the Centre undertakes collaborative research and education on ethics. This collaboration involves partnerships with the major shapers of public life: Government, the business community, NGO’s and public service agencies. Through the provision of consultation services, and the sponsorship of research, public discussion, and education, the centre assists these partners as they seek to integrate ethics into their public practices and policies.

CCEPA Provides Ethics Support Services

CCEPA offers A wide-ranging suite of ethics-oriented advice and services to groups and organizations.

  • Developing and reviewing Values Statements
  • Developing and reviewing Ethics Frameworks
  • Problem solving ethical and organizational issues
  • Acting as third party or honest broker

CCEPA offers these services with flexibility, through:

  • One-time meetings and sessions
  • Facilitating lengthier developmental or review processes
  • Providing continuing support
To learn more about these services, please contact CCEPA Adviser-in-Residence, Frank Schwartz.

Business Ethics Training Practices in Canadian Businesses.

Dr. Margaret McKee, Professor at Saint Mary's University and CCEPA Research Fellow, has been investigating efforts by Canadian firms to educate employees about ethical issues in the workplace. Highlights from her CCEPA-sponsored research study are available here.

CCEPA is a joint initiative of The Atlantic School of Theology and Saint Mary's University .

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