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CCEPA Round Table on Trust in Political Leadership
(A Non-Partisan Forum)

1 Background:

Politics is a fundamental democratic process. It results in governments being elected with a mandate to govern and to shape our society. Politicians are the fundamental political actors and leaders in this system. They govern and they help set our directions.

As a society, we invest politicians with great responsibility and make them holders of a great public trust. Their importance is pervasive and undeniable.

Unfortunately, there appears to be a significant public concern about our political leadership:

  • There is a widespread lack of trust in our political leadership:
  • The nature of parliamentary debate has opposition parties continually attacking government members; and
  • The media appear to focus on portraying politicians in a bad light.

Indeed, the issue is so pervasive that – at a time when we need the best people to run for public office – even the basic motivation of people who go into public life is questioned.

2 The Questions to be Explored:

The session will explore the issues of why trust in political leadership is so low:

  • Why is our trust of political leaders so low?
  • What are the major factors that caused this to happen?
  • To what extent does the system create or influence the problem?
  • Can we expect the situation to change?

3 The Panel:


  • Arthur Donahoe, former Speaker of the House


  • Raymond Larkin, senior partner, Pink Breen Larkin
  • Peter Nicholson, Prime Minister’s Office
  • Jane Purves, Premier’s Office

4 Location: Scotia Bank Lecture Theatre (SMU)

5 Timing: November 17, 2005 from 7-9 pm

6 Admission: Free

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