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Two awards granted for the Ethics Research call for Proposals issued in November

The Research Call for Proposals was released on November 17, 2005, with a due date of January, 2006. The following grants were awarded:

TITLE OF PROJECT: The Ethics of Civility and Social Cohesion

AUTHOR: Dr. Benet Davetian University of Prince Edward Island

ABSTRACT: The research tests the premise that individuals who are provided with knowledge of the anatomy and nature of civility and its connections with social ethics will tend to favour civil and ethical behaviour more than those who do not possess such knowledge. This premise will be tested in the secondary school system through a presentation of a 60-minute video on civility and ethics (followed by a class discussion) and a study of the effects of the event on the subsequent civility levels of students.

TITLE OF PROJECT: "Greenwashing" and Corporate Moral Motivation

AUTHOR: Dr. Chris MacDonald Saint Mary's University

ABSTRACT: This project seeks to examine the moral category of "greenwashing", and to enquire into normative issues related to the motives that corporations have for highlighting their environmental accomplishments. "Greenwashing" is the term applied to what is perceived to be dishonest representation of corporate environmental records. Corporate communications are typically labeled "greenwashing" when observers are skeptical about what is motivating either a) the environmental project or policy being publicized, or b) the corporation's decision to publicize it. The current project seeks to apply the tools of Rational Choice Theory to illuminate the motivational structures behind a) corporate communications about environmental practices, and b) consumer and activist responses to such communications.

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